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  • What does a consultation involve?
    The consultation serves as an initial discovery call to determine whether we are a good fit for one another. We'll discuss the contents of the contact form that you filled out prior to booking the consultation. You'll have the chance to explain your business or ministry needs, share the goals you wish to achieve, and ask questions. I'll tell you more about myself, the services I provide, and how I can be serve your needs. I'll also ask you a series of questions to make sure I fully understand your situation and expectations. At the close of the call, we'll decided if we want to move forward with a partnership.
  • How much does a discovery consultation cost?
    Your first discovery consultation is completely free of charge. However, the time is generally limited to 1 hour. This allows us to get to know one another and determine whether we will be a good fit moving forward. My subsequent rates and your budget will also be discussed during this meeting.
  • I've contacted you about a free consultation, what's next?"
    Within 48hrs of filling out the contact form, you should receive an email back from me. I'll let you know if I think my services are a good match for your needs. and I'll include my availability for a constulation via Zoom.
  • What happens after the consultation?
    The initial 1 hour discovery consultation is absolutely free of obligation. At that time, we'll determine whether we can work together to achieve your business or ministry goals. After the consultation, I'll send you an email with a summary of what we discussed and ‘next steps’ if we agreed to move forward. Should you wish to contract my services, then I will prepare a proposal and send it to you via email for your review.
  • If I choose to work with you, am I locked in?"
    You are not locked into an agreement until the contract has been signed by both parties. For clients investing in my intergrative marketing and communiting building services, I require a non-refundable 50% deposit of estimated services in advance. Should you wish to terminate the agreement early, I require 2 weeks written notice. You may request to extend the terms of the agreement at any time. In the event that the agreement is canceled or curtailed due to acts of God or other reasons outside the control of either party, the contract shall not be binding to either party. However, in the case of such events, all reasonable efforts will be made on my part to fulfill the terms of the contract. For clients booking webinars and coaching services, a contract is still signed but the entire fee is required in advance of the training session(s).
  • How much should I expect to spend?
    How much you spend will depend on the services requested, your goals, your organizational budget, and how much of my time is required to fulfill the terms on the contract. During the consultation, we'll discuss the budget you are comfortable with in the context of the scope of work requested. My intergrative marketing and communiting building services are generally charged by the hour. However, please keep in mind that the budget does directly impact results. For clients booking webinars and coaching services, there is a set fee.
  • How does payment work?
    For clients investing in my intergrative marketing and communiting building services, I require a non-refundable 50% deposit of estimated services in advance. Clients will be invoiced on a biweekly or monthly basis for work hours. Payment is due within 10 business days of invoice date or further work will be paused until payment is received. Each invoice will reflect charges for the time period being billed and cumulative figures for previous periods. Payments for services invoiced that are not received within 30-days from date of invoice will be subject to a 5% penalty per calendar month. For clients requesting 1:1 platform audits, strategy consultations, webinars and training services, the service fee is required in advance of the training session(s). Clients my pay by check, Cash App or PayPal. I'm currently working on setting up credit card payment options.
  • I don't really need anything other than some advice and direction. Can you help me?
    I offer 1:1 Strategy Consultations and Platform Audits as well as coaching sessions. I'll review your digital presence and social media accounts to provide you with detailed recommendations and next steps. Fill out the contact form to request these servcies.
  • I want to work with you. What's the process?
    Contact me - The website contact form to book a free constultation. Consultation - During your free consultation, we'll discuss your goals and determine the potential fit for digital marketing. Proposal - A detailed proposal will be provided for consideration by the client. No commitment is made until both parties sign the contract. Implementation - Once the contract is signed and the desposit paid. The recommended strategies will be implemented, and we'll work together to monitor progress towards your goals. If the client is booking a 1:1 service, the services will be scheduled. Reporting - Detailed analytics and reports will be provided throughout the duration of our partnership to help identify opportunities for optimization. For 1:1 sessions, follow up resources, recommendations, and next steps will be provided.
  • Do I need to give you access to my passwords or accounts?
    For any social media and/or search engine marketing, I will send you instructions to walk you through adding me to your respective Manager accounts. If starting from scratch, we'll book a zoom session to guide you through the account creation process, assigning roles, and giving access.
  • Do you charge a set fee or an hourly rate?
    All of my 1:1 services have a set package cost. These prices vary based on the scope of the services requests. Fill out my contact form to learn more. For clients investing in my intergrative marketing and communiting building services, I charge an hourly rate. Based on our consultation and proposal, you will be provided an initial estimate.
If you have any further inquires, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. 
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