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Press Release: NAD Releases a Practical Guide to Digital Discipleship & Evangelism

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

The North American Division (NAD) recently released its first guide to digital discipleship and evangelism. The Digital Discipleship and Evangelism Guidebook is a practical guide for outreach, community service, growth, and evangelism for conferences, local churches, and personal ministries.

“The Seventh-day Adventist Church has historically been at the forefront when it comes to utilizing media and technology to advance its mission of sharing hope and wholeness — from print to radio to television — now is the time to leverage the untapped potential of digital communications for discipleship and evangelism as part of a broader digital strategy that seeks to revolutionize ministry through the use of innovative digital media,” stated Alvin Kibble, vice president for Big Data + Social Media, Public Affairs & Religious Liberty, Literature Ministries, and Executive Coaching, Training & Development for the NAD. “To accomplish this, we must start with recognizing the need for, and legitimacy of, digital mission work.

This 211-page book is the product of more than 14 years’ experience in digital communications and marketing by Jamie Domm, digital strategist for the NAD’s Social Media + Big Data department. Digital Discipleship & Evangelism starts by developing a model for using technology effectively in the digital world. Then, the author dives into areas important for online success. You’ll learn about:

  • The seeker’s journey and how to communicate effectively to your target audience

  • Digital tools and why they’re important for local outreach

  • Forming a digital discipleship and evangelism team

  • Creating a comprehensive digital strategy

  • Best practices for ministries on social media

  • Branding for local church ministries

  • Optimizing your website.

This guide outlines the basics of content creation, curation and strategy, then digs deep into “content evangelism” and how to write effectively for online audiences, providing best practices for creating strong social media posts. Next, how to build community in the digital space and practical tips for community care and engagement is addressed. Finally, the book details how digital tools and the Church can be leveraged as a reach vehicle for souls through organic growth techniques and social media advertising.

“Local churches are uniquely positioned to combine traditional methods with technology to amplify the gospel message throughout the greater community,” said Jamie Domm, digital strategist for Big Data + Social Media.

Once the foundation is established, team members’ roles are outlined in detail. Find out the difference between creatives and distributors, and the important role in communication and relationship building that engagers play.

“The section ‘Guidance for Digital Disciples and Digital Missionaries’ is a must-read for all involved in digital ministry,” shared Domm. Readers will be able to learn how to grow digital disciples, engage in digital door knocking, balance their mission work and health, and conduct a personal social media audit.

This comprehensive resource is packed with practical “how-to” nuts and bolts that will help the reader establish or grow their digital ministry. This guide seeks to act as a catalyst for a cultural shift toward prioritizing technology in the Church at all levels. “We must rethink how we share the gospel message to effectively utilize the innovative tools and technologies freely available to all of us. The platforms and tools will change, but the principles will not, because they are all grounded in Biblical examples, “ Domm said.

The Social Media + Big Data department is pleased to share a model and provide recommendations on how the Adventist Church can embrace digital evangelism and discipleship at an individual, church, and corporate level. The guidebook is available in both print and digital from AdventSource. #DigitalEvangelism #DigitalDiscipleship

Pricing: Print Retail $19.95 Kindle and ePub $9.95

Quantity Discount: 10 - 19 copies, $17.95 each 20 - 39 copies, $15.95 each 40+ copies, $14.95 each

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