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I believe that the next great awakening will be a digital one. We have the ability to preach and live out the gospel in view of millions of people, so let’s do it. We need every single one of us to commit to being a digital disciple within our sphere of social influence, using social media and digital tools as vehicles to reach out and care for God’s children.

Therefore, I am committed to using my digital influence to equip and inspire digital missionaries everywhere. Below are helpful resources I created during my time working for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. You may also want to check out my consulting blog for my latest marketing tips and advice.


Digital Discipleship & Evangelism

Print and eBook versions available through AdventSource and Amazon.

Elements of a Strong Digital Strategyv3border.png

 Guide to a Strong Digital Strategy

A fillable PDF to guide you through building a framework for a successful digital strategy.

Optimization checklist image2.png

 Optimization YouTube Checklist

A detailed checklist to make sure your videos get found on YouTube.


Tips for Creating Social Media Posts

Best practices for creating strong social media posts with fillable PDF form.

Digital Mission content Evangelism Cover.jpg

Digital Missions Guide

A fillable worksheet to help you prepare your creative ideas for content evangelism.


How to Start a YouTube Ministry

A step-by-step guide to starting and optimizing a YouTube ministry.


Personal Social Media Audit

A checklist for cleaning up your digital influence to enable you to reflect Christ online.


Understanding Your Audience

A detailed worksheet for understanding your target audience for communication.


Digital Strategy for Young Adults

A guide to using social media to reach and minister to young adults 18-30.

KPI cover.jpg

KPIs for Content Evangelism

A comprehensive guide to understanding & measuring the impact of digital missions.


SEO Guide for Ministries

A comprehensive guide to Search Engine Optimization for ministries.

Consulting Blog

Digital Evangelism Blog

Adventist Review Articles


It has never been easier to communicate, but it’s also never been harder to cut through the noise. Therefore, it is essential to be intentional and strategic with how we use digital tools to spread our messages.  

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